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Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D.


My name is Allen Lawrence, I am a physician and I have practiced medicine since 1967. Before I became a physician I was a person with all of the problems, weaknesses and foibles that come with being human and young.

I have over the years developed an number of strong beliefs. I believe in God, I believe in Intelligence, I believe that we human beings are special. I believe that we live in an Intelligent Universe. While these beliefs are generally agreed with by most people. I do however, have beliefs that are not always agreed with.

I believe that we, human beings, are self healing and that illness is neither inevitable nor acceptable. Today in our standard Western system illness is often seen as normal, that is people are expected to get sick. Illness is also seen as a deficiency of one drug or another. Too often, when an individual get sick, they go to see their doctor and they are quickly given a prescription without ever looking for the cause of the illness.

I see illness as an intelligent process, the body is communicating information to the individual that he or she has an unresolved conflict that needs or even requires resolution. Illness is less often random and more often a consequence of living with unresolved problems which cause internal conflict and upset the stress mechanism and hence the immune system so that it malfunctions.

Illness may also be do to an inadequate or improper diet, poor food choices or even inadequate preparation, exposure to toxic chemicals or poisonous substances in the environment. These situations must always be considered and often are not. I believe that today, one of the very most common reasons for illness is stress. Stress can be due to poorly handled life situations, finances, relationships, childbearing, even unresolved spiritual issues.

Within this website and all of our other websites we will specifically look at how individual who are not getting help from the standard Western medical system can help themselves. We talk about not just about treating but about how to create healing and return to wellness. We invite you to use this website as a jumping off place to find out more about yourself, who you really are and what your life could be like when you fully understand the power you naturally possess.

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