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Chelation Therapy

What Is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is the administration of a synthetic amino acid – ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid or simply EDTA. EDTA binds heavy metal poisons such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. It also binds iron, copper and calcium, which has been shown to be associated with the formation of atherosclerotic plaque in the blood vessels. This formation of plaque often leads to heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, and peripheral vascular disease. By chelating these minerals and pulling them out of the body, chelation softens and reduces the amount of hard plaque and toxic heavy metal poisons in the system. When calcium is removed it lessens hardening of the arteries and allowing their normal elasticity to return and resulting in better circulation.

Chelation was first used in the 1940's. At that time people working in shipyards were developing heavy metal poisoning from large amounts of lead in the paints and buildings. Working with the U.S. Government drug companies developed a chelation agent which was then used to remove these poisonous heavy metals. Incidentally it was discovered was that chelation also improved conditions such as heart disease, angina and a number of other serious health problems. Research then proved that chelation was useful in treating hardening of the arteries. EDTA chelation is approved by the FDA for the removal of heavy metal poisons.

What Conditions Is Chelation Therapy Currently Used To Treat?

Today chelation is not only used to remove toxic and poisonous heavy metals but also to treat atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries heart and kidney problems, along with peripheral vascular (arterial and venous) disease. It is now being used in men and women with diabetes since they are at greater risk for heart attacks and strokes. Those people who have already had one or more heart attacks or strokes, or have one or more arterial stints can benefit the most. Also any person who has elevated cholesterol or triglycerides (over many years), angina or cardiac chest pain, or who has a strong family history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes or kidney failure may use chelation as a preventive treatment to avoid potential future problems.

Does Chelation Therapy Help Everyone?

No one treatment will ever benefit everyone who uses it, the same is true of chelation, it does not help everyone, however, a 95% success rate is common. Even when it does not provide 100% prevention it can provide substantial help in controlling symptoms and delay problems for many years increasing and improving quality of life.

What Is A Typical Treatment Program?

The EDTA chelation is administered intravenously. Each treatment can take between 1 and 2 ˝ hours. During this time, you will rest in a comfortable reclining chair, you can socialize with others, read, listen to music or a book in tape or just relax, even go to sleep. Chelation is a painless procedure which you can undergo one, two or three times per week depending on your medical condition.

How Many Treatments Are Required For Maximum Benefit?

Over the last 60 years research has demonstrated that it takes approximately 20 treatments to significantly soften atherosclerotic plaque in most people. For individuals who are symptomatic and already have heart problems, or strong indicators of heart, stroke, kidney disease, peripheral vascular problems or diabetes, as many as 30 treatments might be appropriate. Someone who has had a heart attack, stroke or has significant vascular problems may need up to 40 treatments.

What Does Chelation Cost?

Like everything good things have a cost. An average cost for chelation is generally somewhere between $100 and $150 a treatment. Initially, prior to starting a chelation treatment program we would require a comprehensive medical evaluation which usually a comprehensive medical history, review of current medications, a physical examination, diagnostic laboratory testing when indicated. Our program combines chelation with personal life style counseling and we encourage lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, vitamins-mineral supplementation, antioxidant therapy and weight loss when they are called for.

Is Chelation Therapy Covered By Insurance or Medicare?

Unfortunately, No! While chelation has become very popular worldwide, and several socialized medicine countries...notably Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe and Canada pay for chelation therapy, it is considered to be an alternative medical treatment in the United States and is only rarely a covered benefit of some insurance policies.

At a time when heart surgery to deal with the same problems can cost of to $100,000 most US carriers still refuse to pay for chelation. As chelation specialists we are appalled but have no way to change this. We believe that it makes no sense to treat a problem surgically when statistic tell us that it will most likely recur within five years and require another surgery. This is especially true when there is a much less expensive, safe procedure such as chelation already in place. Surgery is in affect a localized "patch", whereas chelation gets to every blood vessel in the body and eliminates the problems and the risks of atherosclerosis. Chelation also treats mercury, arsenic, lead and other toxic metal poisons which are common today for the same fee. Multiple benefits for one price!

Has Chelation Ever Hurt Anyone?

At the beginning, when chelation was first used in 1940's it was often given too rapidly, This resulted in kidney damage in some people. Now that chelation therapy has been used for 60 years, these problems are very rare. Today chelation has a proven and successful tract record, with no problems or complications, when used in the recommended protocol from the American College for Advancement in Medicine. It has been estimated that nearly two million people have been and safely successfully treated with chelation to date.

How Can I Learn More About Chelation Therapy?

Center for Optimal Health give frequent lectures on chelation with open question and answer sessions. If you would like to start chelation, or look into it in greater detail than call us or come in. More importantly, take the opportunity to personally visit with and find out if you are a candidate for chelation. Call us at 805-435-1200 and make an appointment to learn more. Thank you!

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