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Prevention of Cardio-Vascular Disease

Cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke and peripheral vascular disease are some of the most dangerous and lethal problems seen in medical practice. In medical practice many people are seen with history of cardiovascular problems which range from minor early changes in blood pressure to extremes of survival from heart attack, stroke or blood clots in the legs and or in the lungs.

The greatest majority of people we see are early in the process of cardiovascular disease. They may only suffer from elevated cholesterol or triglycerides levels, mild elevation of blood pressure and they may have no outward symptoms of cardiovascular disease, yet. These early situations are often either ignored or they are rejected with the person telling them self and other their doctor that they have no problems so they really need no treatment. When medication is prescribed it may or may not be taken. The patient may promise them self that they will start a diet, watch what they eat, exercise and then not quite get around to it.

Generally these people have good intentions but they are either unaware, unwilling to acknowledge or do not recognize that as time passes these problems if not corrected will potentially become lethal. As one patient put it after his first heart attack, "I never thought it would happen to me. It was always happening to the other guy. Now I am the other guy. Thank God, I survived, what can I do not to help my self?"

The time to start is not! If your cholesterol is up, if you heave elevated blood pressure, if you have a family history of heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease then you should start today. If you start now you may not have to have your first heart attack or stroke at all.

What Can Be Done Now To Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases?

The answer to this simple. We just about all know what to do. First, it seat a healthy diet, second is regular exercise, third is start a preventive medicine program under caring and knowledgeable supervision to watch for and deal with any important bodily changes that indicate you are moving toward cardiovascular problems. Stress reduction also helps.

Do I Have To Take Medications?

Obviously if your cholesterol and triglycerides, blood pressure, heart and lungs are all normal, no! For you a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress reduction and appropriate supplements may be all that will ever be necessary.

If you already have elevated cholesterol or triglycerides, high blood pressure, any abnormal lab testing or strong evidence of early changes consistent with cardiovascular disease, if you are being followed by a traditional western medical practitioner then it is likely that you will find that he will prescribe medications, one or more to "correct" your problems.

Are there Other Approaches Preventing and Treating Cardiovascular Disease?

If you are one of our patients we would work with you using nutritional approaches to lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. These methods are safer, equally effective and provide benefit to your whole body not just your cardiovascular system.

The basic approach we use is nutritional and we generally recommend specific lifestyle changes that will reduce problems and increase overall health benefits. Diet, nutritional supplements and herbal medications that have been tried, tested and proved to be efficacious. Natural treatments that have less harm, wear and teat on the body and as said earlier promote wellness on many levels.

What If My Condition Is Advanced?

If you are already suffering from advanced cardiovascular disease then we have a host of non-traditional medical therapies which are tried, tested and proven successful and safe to help you control, reverse and even cure your health problems.


Chelation is a proven method of reversing and undoing the deposition of atherosclerotic plaque both in the heart, the head and the entire vascular system. Chelation used a protein substance EDTA to bind calcium and remove it from the hardened plaque which is narrowing the vessels of the heart, the brain, kidneys, the rest of the central and peripheral vascular system. As plaque is removed the vessels naturally open and blood once again flows normally. This treatment is commonly used for people who have had one or more heart attacks or strokes, but also for individuals who have chest pain, abnormal kidney function. Chelation is also used in individuals who have had cardiac surgery where stints have been placed, bypass or where plaque has been removed but has a high likelihood or reoccurring. It is also used by people who simply want to prevent these problems from happening to them.


Plaquex is a natural substance, which is part of every living cell (plant cell, animal cell and human cell). Its exact chemical name is phosphatidylcholine. Plaques is used to treat atherosclerosis. Its most important effect is its remarkable ability to reduce plaque depositions in the arterial walls. It also lowers cholesterol and homocysteine levels. This is especially useful for people who have suffered heart attack or who are at high risk of heart trauma. Plaquex reduces angina pain and frequency of these episodes, it lowers LDL-cholesterol, increases HDL-cholesterol, improves ability to exercise and function normally, it improves mental function and has a positive affect on sexual potency. Plaquex is often used in conjunction with chelation infusions.


It has been said that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", no where does this make more sense than with preventing cardiovascular disease. If you have any cardiovascular disease or better still do not want to have any cardiovascular disease, a good long-term relationship with competent and caring physician can greatly help you. For more information, call 805-435-1200 and make an appointment for help.


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